CBSE latest decision about pending examinations for Class 10, 12 “official press note is here

Central board of secondary education (CBSE) released press note for examination of class 10 and 12.

Basic points in press released:-

  1. CBSE rejected all requests and suggestions about cancellation of class 10 and class 12 exams.
  2. CBSE to conduct 29 main subjects exams for class 10 and class 12.
  3. Students will be informed 10 days before the examination date.
  4. Exams will be conducted after the lock down.
  5. CBSE has also released its previous press release dated April 1, 2020.
  6. Press release of the date April 29, 2020 and April 1, 2020 are given below in details.

CBSE press release dated April 29, 2020:-

With regards to conduct of Class X examinations several queries are being received by the CBSE. In this context, it is once again reiterated that remaining examinations of Class X as stated in the Press Release dated 01.4.2020 will be conducted by CBSE. It is once again clarified that adequate time of 10 days will be given to all stakeholders before starting the examinations. Therefore, there is no change in the position of holding board examinations and the position continues as per information given wide Press Release dated 01.4.2020. It is also informed that examinations of all the subjects of Class X and XII as mentioned in Press Release will be conducted after assessing the situation after the lock down is over.

CBSE press release april 29, 2020

Original pdf file of CBSE press note dated April 29, 2020

cbse class 10 and 12 examinations 2020

CBSE press release dated April 29, 2020:-

As a precautionary measure and in compliance of the instructions received from Secretary, Department of Higher Education/ School Education and Literacy, Government of India, dated 18th March, 2020, CBSE had postponed all the board examinations that were to be held between 19.03.2020 to 31.03.2020. It was informed in the Board’s press release dated 18.3.20 that “date sheets for the rescheduled board examinations shall be communicated by the board through its website and press release after re-assessment of the situation.”

The Board is committed to the academic welfare of its students; therefore, the Board is constantly assessing the situation, and is keen to mitigate the anxiety of the students, parents, and schools. In view of the prevailing extraordinary circumstances of the worldwide spread of COVID-19 and the countrywide lock down, and in view of the queries raised by our stakeholders regarding the academic future of students, the Board advises/informs all schools affiliated to the Board as follows as a one-time measure:

For classes 1 to 8: All students studying in classes 1 to 8 maybe promoted to the next class/grade. This advisory is being issued in consultation with NCERT.

For classes 9 and 11: It has come to our notice that though several schools affiliated to CBSE have completed their examination, evaluation and promotion process for students who were studying in grades 9 and 11 in the 2019-20 academic session, there are several schools that have not been able to do so. This includes among others, Kendriaya Vidyalayas, Navodaya Vidyalayas, State/UT government schools, private schools, schools located in India and abroad, etc. All such schools are advised to promote students of grades 9 and 11 to the next grades on the basis of all the school-based assessments including project work, periodic tests, term exams, etc. conducted so far. For any child who is unable to

clear this internal process, (in any number of subjects), the school may utilise this period for providing remedial interventions, and school may give the opportunity of appearing in school-based test/s, online or offline. The promotion of such children may be decided on the basis of such tests.

Schedule for class 10 and 12 board exams: With regard to rescheduling board examinations for classes 10 and 12, it is informed that at this stage it is difficult for the Board to decide and announce the new schedule for examinations. However, it is informed that any decision that the board will take with regard to the conduct of examinations will be taken by undertaking extensive consultation with higher education authorities and by keeping all aspects related to entrance exams, admissions dates, etc. in mind. In this context, it is further informed that the Board will give notice of about 10 days to all stakeholders before starting the Board examinations.

Subjects for Board exams: It is informed that the Board was not able to conduct exams on 8 examination days due to the COVID-19 pandemic situation. Further, due to the law and order situation in North East Delhi District the board was not able to conduct exams on 4 examination days, while a very small number of students from and around this District were not able to appear in exams on 6 examination days.

Considering the extraordinary circumstances, the Board has been forced to review its policy in this regard. Under ordinary circumstances, the Board would not have hesitated to conduct all examinations that could not be held after 18th March, 2020 or are postponed for other reasons. But in the present situation, the Board has decided as follows:

The Board will conduct examinations for only main subjects that will be required for promotion and maybe crucial for admissions in higher educational institutions.

For the rest of the subjects, the Board will not hold examinations; the instructions for marking/assessment in all such cases shall be separately issued by the Board.

Therefore, as and when the Board is in a position to hold examinations, it shall hold examinations only for the following 29 subjects:

29 subjects, whose examination will be conducted by CBSE

Subjects of class 10 for which exams will be heldSubjects of class 12 for which exams will be held
To beTo beTo be conducted forTo be conducted for
conductedconducted forwhole of IndiaNorth East Delhi
for whole ofNorth East  
 1.Hindi Course A,1.Business Studies,1.English Elective – N,
Nil2.Hindi Course B,2. Geography,2. English Elective -C,
 3.English Comm,3.Hindi (Elective),3. English Core,
 4.English Lng & Lit,Hindi (Core), Home Science,Mathematics, Economics,
 5. Science,6.Sociology,6.Biology,
 6.Social Science7.Computer Science (Old),Political Science, History,
  Computer Science (New), Information Practice (Old) Information Practice (new), Information Technology, Bio-Technology9.Physics, 10.Accountancy, 11.Chemistry

CBSE schools in foreign countries: There are several CBSE schools located in 25 countries. Each of these countries are also under lock down and/or have decided to close down the schools for various and differential lengths of time. Under such circumstances, it is felt that the Board will not be in a position to hold differential set of exams for each of these countries. Also, in the present situation, it will be difficult to bring the answer books to India for evaluation purposes. Therefore, the Board has decided to not hold any more exams for the students of class 10 and 12 schools located outside India. The system of marking/assessment for the purpose of declaring results will be worked out by the Board shortly and informed to these schools.

Evaluation work: Due to present situation, the Board has not been able to continue its evaluation work. The Board will come out with further instructions for evaluating in the changed circumstances. These instructions, and dates for

restart of evaluation work in various evaluation centres in the country can also not be announced at this stage. However, the Board will give 3-4 days’ notice to restart the evaluation work, which maybe noted by all the Chief Nodal Supervisors, Head Examiners, Evaluators, Coordinators, etc. of Evaluation Centers.

Avoid rumours: To avoid being misled by rumours, all stakeholders are hereby informed to only trust the official announcements by the Board that are made on the Board’s website. All are requested to check for latest developments only on the Board’s website, that is or its social media as follows:

Schools to inform all students: All schools are requested to ensure that this information is disseminated to all concerned students by the respective schools.

Though the present set of circumstances are not within the control of the Board, the Board deeply regrets the inconvenience caused to all its stakeholders, and seeks their patience and cooperation in these difficult times, with our assurance that the Board is working constantly behind the scenes to take care of the academic future of its students.

Original pdf file of CBSE press note dated April 1, 2020

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